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Best Global Universities 2017_US News & World Report

by SYACADEMY posted Oct 29, 2016


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The Best Global University is Harvard in US

The University of Tokyo ranked as #44, the highest ranked university in Asia

Harvard University ranked as the best global university in 2017.

According to US News and World Report's annual evaluation for university, Harvard University ranked number 1 by got 100 points followed MIT(97.9), Stanford University(92.9), UC Berkeley(92.8).

Including California Institute of Technology(89.3), these universities ranked from 1 - 5th, the Univeristy of Oxford(88.1) ranked as 6th, the University of Cambridge(86.3) ranked as 7th on the list.

US News and World Report evaluate about 1,000 universities in 65 countries by 12 items including, their global research, regional research, their publication, and the ratio of cited research and publication.

The most highest evaluated item is global and regional research evaluation, top 10% of frequently cited publication(12.5%). The Universtiy of Harvard ranked as top from this item.

More than 20% of the universities in the list located in US. On the list, there is 87 universities in China, and 68 univerisites in the United Kingdom.

Harvard University Law School

In Korea, including Seoul National University ranked as #119, KAIST(187), Sungkyunkwan University(236), POSTECH(261), total of 29 universities on the list.

In Asia, the University of Tokyo ranked as #44, followed National University of Singapore(#50), Pecking University(#53) and Tsinghua University(#57).

美US 뉴스 앤드 월드리포트가 홈페이지서 전한 2016년 세계 대학 순위

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