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Go2UC는 미국입시 전문기관인 SY아카데미에서 미국대학 진학을 희망하는 학생들을 돕기위한 미국 현지에서 직접 운영하는 유학 프로그램 입니다.
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We would like to introduce SY Academy Berkeley Office located with near UC Berkeley.

Downtown Berkeley BART Station located in front of our office building.
We have really convenient location for public transportation!


On the first floor of the building, we have Paris Baguette, 

and Chase Bank that students can easily access.

There is Kaplan, LSI, Berkeley City College and UC Berkeley around the office within 10 min walk!


Entrance for Office on 7th floor.

front2 (1).jpg

Lobby that students can hang out


Classrooms for studying


We can see the Sather Tower, the symbol of Berkeley from the classroom. 

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